Three Casinos line up for Pennsylvania iGaming license

iGaming, a key supplier of slot content to the most prominent manufacturers and operators in the casino gaming industry, has now established itself permanently in the games and entertainment heart of London, UK. Located at 53 Frith Street in Soho, this office will provide customers based in UK and Europe with a dedicated customer service centre. As a complement to the Las Vegas based studio dedicated to the creation of bespoke video slot casino game content, this office will be focused on providing our clients with an unsurpassed quality of service.

iGaming is undergoing rapid growth in response to growing customer demand for its video slot game content. Video slot content is created by iGaming for online casinos, social gaming, and for land-based casinos.

Steven Meistrich, CEO of iGaming, said: “We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of content and services, and a London office is part of that on going commitment to excellence.”

Jay Dignan, the lead Account Manager in the London office, added: “London is a connection point into the online gaming community in UK and Europe, therefore is a perfect location to manage our game offerings to the market. Â The London office provides a strategic platform to ensure client services remain focused and dedicated as both the industry and iGaming continue to grow.”