Exclusive interview for Gambling Insider Magazine

The interview:

Could you offer a brief overview of your career in gaming to this point?

I am relatively new to the Gambling industry. I have been a technology entrepreneur as well as Venture Capitalist in past. I have extensive experience in managing for Video Game, Digital Media, Internet and Wireless technology companies. The gaming industry is very different than those tech sectors traditionally, but the growth of the gaming sector is increasingly driven by the same trends. That mix of entertainment and technology provided me with valuable experience that served me well when I joined Yosuatreegames a few years ago, as Yosuatreegames was a great game designer, but needing an injection of tech innovation.

As well, I have teamed up with some seasoned gaming professionals such as Scott Sims, my partner in overseeing our worldwide studios. And, I have found that strong relationships and communications with our customers and partners is essential in this industry.

How do you try and make Yosuatreegames stand out from the crowd in a competitive slot supply sector?

Yosuatreegames now combines a Silicon Valley approach driving our technology innovation with a Las Vegas approach driving our game design. This combined philosophy is a powerful differentiator for us going forward. Last year we re-branded our company with a new logo to have a more forward thinking brand with this philosophy captured.

We are passionate at creating a superior experience for the players, whether that is on a land-based machine, through an online casino real money nz, or on a mobile app.

We combine our technical excellence with strong partnerships in the industry. Our games are provided on more platforms and in more channels than any other supplier in the industry. Our technical people are very agile at adapting our products, and our managers are skilled in working with the needs and processes of partners.

We have been focussed on providing the richest media experience for video slots on mobile devices. You will find our mobile slots have richer graphics, animations, and sounds than any other supplier in the market today. The demand for mobile and its growth in gaming revenue share have been key drivers of our recent deal flow.

Earlier this year Yosuatreegames was awarded a remote UK license. How did you find the process?

We are licensed in multiple jurisdictions. A licensing process is always a significant investment in time and effort. The Uk license process was quite fast, yet the implementation of certification standards is an intensive ongoing process given a large number of past and upcoming games being deployed by our company and its platform partners.

What effect has the UK point-of-consumption regime had on your business if any? How have you dealt with this?

It has not impacted our revenue growth.

You released your Mystic Monkeys slot simultaneously in Flash, HTML5 and native formats with nibet. What was the thinking behind such a move?

We have a great technology platform we have built that enables cross-platform development in parallel promising simultaneous delivery of multiple formats of the game. This helps us provide special benefits to both the operators and the players. Operators are able to market the game to players using the same campaigns and reach the players through multiple channels. Players are able to engage in the same game across multiple devices in a convenient way. In our experience, the marketing is more effective and the players are more loyal to the games long term.

What are the biggest challenges when implementing this kind of simultaneous launch? How did you overcome these?

Extra effort is required in both testing and certification. Good project planning and good partnerships are needed to be successful. With Relax as the gaming platform and with GLI as the test lab, it went very smoothly.

Part of your service involves creating customized slots for clients. What is the typical process for the development of such a game?

We are a preferred supplier for bespoke slot game production due to our years of experience in providing superior custom solutions. There are 3 differentiators our customers rave about:

  1. We design unique game features into the bespoke game
  2. We involve our customers in the creative process, they feel part of our team
  3. We always design the game with a specific player demographic in mind

Since the game is unique in design and is designed for a specific player demographic, the marketing of the game can be more effective for the operator, resulting in optimal revenue.

How much of an ongoing focus is the social sector for Yosuatreegames?

We have been supplying video slots for social as a white label producer for many years. In 2015, we began to market a packaged offering and have been very successful in signing key partners and customers in a very short amount of time. We are now able to leverage our brand and experience to supply games through a variety of B2B platform channels alongside production of games for B2C social casino operators.

Social is a strong revenue opportunity for us in North America. With our partnerships, our deployment platform and our deep, diverse catalog of mobile-ready content, we are well positioned for this sector.

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing Yosuatreegames in the coming year?

Our strategy and capability have enabled us to open up many markets and channels for our products.

We supply video slots to the land-based manufacturers, to online real money casinos AND social casinos. Our focus continues to be on legal, regulated markets, and that requires a great deal of market planning.

Yosuatreegames has 3 different product lines planned for the European markets, 2 product lines planned for the Social Casino market in North America, and has 2 product lines planned for the Asian market.

Yosuatreegames has business development teams in Europe, North America, and Asia to support the demand for our products in those markets. We look forward to working with customers and partners in those markets.