4 new games in the month of April

Yosuatreegames.com is pleased to announce the ambitious launch of 4 new games in the month of April; including 3 for multiple casinos on the Quickfire platform, and 1 for 888.com online casino.

ROYAL ROLLER is a 25-line, 5-reel video slot game with a Roulette Free Spin bonus feature. The game has been brilliantly crafted with images, symbols, and sounds that transport player to the middle of all the energy and excitement which is unique to Las Vegas. If the Roulette Free Spin feature is activated, the Player is awarded 5 free spins with wild reels. In every free spin, a Roulette Wheel will spin to randomly determine the number of Wild Reels. Up to 4 wild reels can be awarded which will award players with Massive WINS! Lines played and coins bet are the same as the spin that triggered the feature, and all prizes are multiplied by the bet multiplier. ROYAL ROLLER engages players with the experience of climbing the ranks of royalty and riches in the shoes of a true Vegas winner!

Another exciting game is JOURNEY OF THE SUN.

JOURNEY OF THE SUN is a 25 Line, 5 reel video slot game with hieroglyphic-inspired symbols and a free spin feature. The bonus feature is based off the old Egyptian game, Senet. The player will travel on the board game for more free spins and a multiplier to enhance their wins! If the player triggers the Journey Free Spins feature, a second screen will appear and the player will be presented with a 3—10 Senet board, a white game piece, and a black game piece. The white piece is for free spins and the black piece is for the free spins multiplier. The player first picks where to place the white piece on the game board from the first 15 spaces (the first 15 being the top row of 10 and the last 5 spaces in the second row). Once picked, the piece will stop on a space and reveal the number of free spins. The player then places the black piece on one of the remaining 15 spaces to reveal the multiplier. If the free spins are re-triggered, the player will be awarded the feature again and the Senet board will be presented after the initial set of free spins is played. The concept of JOURNEY OF THE SUN is based upon the ancient Egyptian myth of the sun god, Ra, and his journey across the sky and through the underworld. Ra is joined on this epic journey by Anubis, the jackal-headed protector of the dead, the feline goddess, Bastet, and falcon-headed sky god, Horus. With JOURNEY OF THE SUN, players can join the adventure and experience the wonder and riches of ancient Egypt, while collecting some of the pharaoh’s treasure.

For players drawn to the more leisurely pace of life and luxury, there is SUGAR DOGGIE. SUGAR DOGGIE is a 25 line, 5 reel video slot game. It features a Dog House Free Spin possibility, in which case the player is awarded 10 free spins with all wilds expanding to fill the reels. After each spin, an extra effect may be added to alter the spin. The extra effects include extra wilds, symbols changed into wilds, a random multiplier, or expanding wilds. The player could win up to 4 reel wilds yielding extravagant jackpots! Graphics portray lavish scenes with a comical nod to a day in the good life of one lucky dog.

DISCO NIGHT FRIGHT is a hair-raising video slot game. The darkly humorous take on the popular werewolf story is full of electrifying graphics and a game model that suits it. DISCO NIGHT FRIGHT is an All Pays, Video Slot Game which includes a Disco Werewolf Free Spin feature with big wins. When the Disco Werewolf Free Spin feature is triggered, the player is awarded 10 free spins and all DISCO DANCER symbols change into DISCO WEREWOLF symbols. The bonus spins offer a more volatile paytable than the base game. Fright fans and Wolf-man allies are invited to boogie their way to the prize all in the midst of the bright lights of the dance floor.

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